The Credits blockchain browser extension to store your Credits and tokens

Created by the community, for the community


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CREXT is easy to use, no knowledge required. No hassle with private keys, all managed by CREXT


Developers can connect their dApps via CREXT to the Credits blockchain. No need to enter your keys


Your keys are stored client-side and encrypted with AES and a self-chosen password

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CREXT is currently only available in the Chrome Webstore.

Current version: 0.9.4 beta

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Multi wallet support

CREXT supports multiple wallets and makes it easy to store your funds across them.

After setting up CREXT you can easily add wallets. The combination of BIP32, BIP39 and BIP44 allows you to create almost an infinite amount of wallets.

Next to that, you can add existing wallets with your private key. Although we do not recommend to use this method, it's a possibilty we offer in CREXT. Please note that you can not recover wallets that you added by private key with your secret phrase.

dApp support

CREXT offers developer tools to create dApps easily.

CREXT contains a variety of functions which can be used by developers to easily create applications on the Credits blockchain. The documentation for developers can be found here.

You, as a CREXT user, will always be in control. The first time a website tries to get data through your CREXT installation, you will get a popup where you can accept or deny this request. If needed, you can also block a website.

Every time a website wants to create a transaction on your behalf, you will need to give approval for this transaction.

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CREXT ❤ Security

We care about being as secure as possible.

As we'd like to be as transparent as possible, we made sure CREXT is open source and therefore available on GitHub . Feel free to build CREXT yourself from the available source code.

Everything you do in CREXT is stored client-side. All sensitive information is encrypted using AES, Advanced Encryption Standard. AES is an excellent standard for securing sensitive information.

CREXT is as safe as you make it yourself. We've added some features for you, such as an automatic lock feature and a anti-phishin code, to ensure you'll never enter your password where you shouldn't.

Please note that CREXT is currently in beta and there might be some bugs. We recommend you to create a new account in CREXT after the full swap.


Source code available on GitHub

The source code of CREXT is available on GitHub .

We'd like to invite anyone to take a look at the source code, find bugs and help us improve CREXT to be the standard for the Credits blockchain. CREXT is created by the community, for the community.


Launch your dApp

CREXT injects API tools into every page you visit. As a user you keep in control of which website may communicate with CREXT. This feature makes it easy for developers to quickly create and launch dApps on the Credits blockchain.

API Documentation

Get started

  • 1
    Install CREXT

    Download CREXT from the Chrome Web Store. As CREXT injects API tools into every page you visit, CREXT needs permission to read and change data. We only inject a small javascript file into the pages you visit. No need to worry, as CREXT is open source you are able to check the code yourself.

  • 2
    Import / create account

    After installing CREXT you'll be able to import an existing seed phrase or create a new account. In case anything happens, the seed phrase is the only way of recovering your funds. Please make sure to keep it somewhere safe.

  • 3
    Enjoy CREXT

    After importing or creating an account, you can easily manage your Credits within the Extension.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CREXT safe?

CREXT is as safe as you make it. CREXT can never guarantee that the extension is 100% safe and secure. We did take action to make CREXT as safe and secure as possible.
- Sensitive data is encrypted with a self-chosen password and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
- After 30 minutes of not using CREXT you are required to enter your password
- Set up an Anti-Phishing code via the settings page in the extension

I am a developer and I'd like to help.

We invite everyone to help us improving CREXT. Feel free to take a look at GitHub , develop your own ideas and create a pull request.

Why am I not able to see my private key?

CREXT uses a combination of BIP32, BIP39 and BIP44 (index 334). With your unique recovery phrase you are able to recover your keypairs on any (third-party) hardware or software wallet that supports the same standards.
CREXT will provide a web-tool after the full release of CREXT where you can retrieve/recover your keys.

I have a suggestion, how do I get in touch with CREXT?

Feel free to contact us via We'll try to reply to every email as soon as possible.

Download CREXT

CREXT is currently only available in English and only available for download in the Chrome Web Store. Multi-language and other browsers will be supported in the future.